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Personal Tax


Preparing personal tax returns can be complex, especially considering the changes in personal tax laws that are constantly taking place.  If prepared incorrectly, you could be missing out on tax credits or tax deductions, resulting in more tax than you should be paying.

 Being careless about business tax can mean doling out extra dollars to tax authorities of Canada or your province out of your hard earned business income. Why should you allow this to happen? Tax laws are often complicated and then there are so many laws that it is easy for a layman to get confused and just pay as per the obvious income and the tax bracket against it.



We can prepare almost any type of personal tax return, including for employees, sole proprietors, investors, non-residents, and more as noted below:


• Canada Child Benefit & (CCB)

• GST/HST new housing rebate ( residential & rental )

• Newcomers tax planning

• Non-resident property disposal tax filing

• Personal income tax return preparation

• Personal income tax planning

• Rental property tax return preparation



Corporate Tax


When preparing corporate tax returns for your business, our focus is on accuracy and tax savings strategies to minimize your tax bill.

You must file your corporate income tax return with the CRA within 6 months of your corporation’s year-end.  For most businesses this deadline is June 30th (if your corporation has a December 31 year-end).  If you don’t file by the deadline, you’ll be paying significant penalties and interest.

The taxation policies of Canada or provinces like Ontario can change anytime and it is not possible for a business to keep a tab on all the latest taxation policies.


Lack of updated information may sometimes end up in situations where you over pay your taxes or pay penalties for improper filing of corporate income tax or you may end up missing the bus of tax breaks available under new scenario. So what you need is service of a very skilful corporate tax accountant who would be able to file your corporate income tax in a manner that is most beneficial for your business and provides you maximum advantages of tax breaks.


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